Cairo to Aswan: The Long Cruise: Luxor West Bank

We separated from the large group and had our own transport and guide so we could dictate what we wanted to do, so we headed first to Dar el Medina, town of the artisans.

The people who actually decorated the tombs, whilst making sure they also had their own tombs well decorated. We visited the tombs of Sennutem,


and Amennakht of the 19 and 20th dynasties.

Getting down into the tombs is a bit of a climb but so well worth it. The colours so vibrant although the perfection of the decorations is a lower quality of those they did for the pharaohs it did not matter.

To the other side of the village where we could see how the houses they lived in were laid out, was the temple of Dar el Medina built in the 2/3rd century BC, it was later turned into a monastery and Coptic church.

Next stop was the Valley of the Queens, and the tomb of Nefertari. After a few (unacknowledged) moans about the entrance fee we entered the tomb. Stunning with decor and paintings that look like they were only finished yesterday. I almost forgot that I could take pictures with my phone so awed were we with the scenes.

Of course once I remembered I then wanted to photograph everything!

It was hard to tear ourselves away even when we had seen everything, you just didn’t want to leave.

Moving one, we then visited the tomb of Titi, wife of Ramses II which was rather disappointing and two of her sons, Amen Khopshef

and Chamuas.

Which were in better condition than their mothers. The walls are protected by perspex which dulls the colours, and unfortunately are grubby which spoils the effect a lot. If I were to recommend anything I would suggest seeing the lesser tombs before Nefetari.

Colossi of Mennon

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