Cairo to Aswan: The Long Cruise: Luxor, the East Bank

After a busy morning on the West Bank we had chance for lunch and cooling off before heading off to Karnak mid afternoon.

In the late afternoon with the dying sun the colours were vivid.

It’s very apparently that tourism is definitely on the increase,

judging by the number of tour buses as we arrived, and the crowds we battled though to view the temple!

Each time I visit there are more and more changes to see.

The ‘port’ by which the processions took place from the temple to the river has now been reconstructed.

The sacred lake has been refilled with water (it was being renovated last time we were here) and the reflections of the palm trees around are captivating.

It would be easy to spend hours here just gazing at the carvings, inscriptions, statues and

taking in the pylons and wondering at the expertise of these incredible people thousands of years ago.

We didn’t have the time for this as too soon we were heading of to Luxor Temple as the sun was setting.

It seems that everyone visits this temple in the evening.

Not entirely sure as to why, other than the lights illuminating it give a very different aspect to viewing during the day.

The flashing of laser lights on the statues and carvings from the guides is rather distracting though.

With the setting of the sun the heat of the day the cool of the evening was delightful.


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