Cairo to Aswan: The Long Cruise: Kom Ombo

Travelling overnight we woke early to visit Kom Ombo Temple by 6.30am. Since we last visited the approach has been redesigned and you now enter through the front of the temple.

A much better approach than we made last time and gave a completely different experience to the visit.

Being early morning was also better than early evening.

Dedicated to the god Sobek, the crocodile there were lots of pictures of ancient surgical instruments,

fascinating detailed pictures

of how babies are created

and the pharonic calendar with its three seasons and 360 days.

The crocodile mummies are displayed in their own museum,

a bit eerie especially in the low light, until tourists ignore the no flash instructions and ruin their own pictures with the reflection of the flash on the glass!

Back on board for breakfast by 7.30 we set sail immediately for Aswan.

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