Cairo to Aswan: The Long Cruise: The leaving of Aswan

We had a good couple of hours to enjoy Aswan before having to head for the airport for our flight,

so we utilised the time by walking the Corniche to the Feryal Gardens,

such a delightful spot to sit and watch the boats on the river in the cool breeze and shade.

Sadly the Aga Khan Mausoleum is no longer open to the public to see the beautiful white marble and the fresh red rose left every morning by his wife.

Tearing ourselves away we made our way to the Nubian Museum.

Unsure quite what to expect we were very impressed with not only the building but the displays and stories,

the history of Nubia being even older than the stories of the pharaohs and gods of Egypt

Looking at perfect pottery which is over 4,500:years old is difficult to comprehend.

The history of how religion changed over the ages to Christian, Coptic and Islam.

There are also displays of typical Nubian everyday scenes.

To soon it was time to leave for the airport for our flight. After all the arm twisting and nagging I had to do to get us to do this trip, I think we will be back!

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